Features and shorts


Short films 2021

40A 18' France Comedy  
A Boy in the Window 11' Sweden Drama  
A Short Dream 15' China Science Fiction  
Anagnorisis  15' Spain Drama  
Bakalor 20' Croatia Comedy  
Bandwidth 5' USA Comedy  
Black Wool 19' Spain Drama  
Blue Flower 25' Romania / Switzerland Drama  
Bodies 15' Iran Drama  
Cannibals 5' Spain Comedy  
Chorus Girl 10' France Comedy  
Cinema, The Only Shelter 11' Iran Drama  
Cosas que no aprendimos en el colegio 10' Spain Drama  
Faces 9' Spain Science Fiction  
Finca Regia  18' Spain Drama  
Girl With Blurred Face 8' Spain Horror  
Hair 1' Spain Experimental  
H.E.N.R.I. 7' Canada Drama, Science Fiction  
Influencer 18' Spain Comedy  
Izgubljeni dani (Days Lost) 20' Serbia Drama  
Kapt'n  26' Germany Drama  
Made In 10' Spain Drama, documentary  
Magic Tree 25' France Drama  
Mandatory 15' Iran Drama  
Minor Key 12' Spain Drama  
Moon Tides 15' Lebanon Drama  
Ms. Rossi 5' Italy Comedy  
Muse  11' Mexico Drama  
My Border, My Forest  18' Italy, Slovenia, Croatia Drama  
Myrtle 15' United Kingdom Drama  
Otava 15' Slovenia Drama  
Paula's Clock 15' Spain Drama  
Peyman  13' Iran Drama  
Refuge 17' Turkey Drama  
Remembrance 15' Australia Science Fiction, Thriller  
Rimi 13' India Drama  
Soyka 15' USA Drama  
The Curtain 20' France Drama, Thriller  
The Dolls Game 24' Iran Drama  
The Great Artist 23' USA Drama  
The Human Resource 27' Belgium Comedy  
The Key To Dreams 7' France Comedy  
The Killer In Cursed Water 18' France Comedy  
The Latent Circle 15' Iran Drama  
The Present 25' Palestine Drama  
This Is How You Cry 4' USA Experimental  
Turn Of The Tide 28' Belgium Drama  
Vincent Before Noon 18' France Drama  


Short and Feature films - Archive 2016-2020

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"Dalmatia film festival" is an international festival of feature and short films, documentaries and promo films that takes place in Croatian cities: Sutivan, Kaštela, Pirovac, Solin and Split.

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