Dalmatia Film Festival in Omiš

After three days of festival program in Pirovac, DFF is moving to Omiš, with evening and nighttime screenings on the city beach (near hotel Plaza) from 12. to 14.8.2018. The visitors can enjoy in open-air screenings by the sea, in a beautiful summer night atmosphere.

Program and schedule of DFF 2018. in Omiš

Info about Omiš

Not many towns in the world count their history in thousands of years, but the town of Omiš is one of them!

The mouth of the Cetina river was first permanently inhabited in ancient times, more than 2000 years ago, and historians believe that the origins of the present-day Omiš are to be found in the small settlement of Oneum, which lay at the very foot of the impressive mountain guarding the town from the north – Omiška Dinara.
Over the centuries the local people started building their houses closer to the sea, and for a very good reason. The inhabitants of medieval Omiš were, as a matter of fact, pirates! Lead by the famous dukes of the Kačić family, the pirates of Omiš thus ruled a large part of the Adriatic for almost two centuries (12th and 13th), successfully resisting the mighty Republic of Venice.
In the 15th Omiš officially came under Venetian rule and the town itself developed into an important administrative and military stronghold and was surrounded by high walls. It was precisely during the Venetian rule that Omiš acquired its present appearance and architectural form.

Today, Omiš is a popular tourist center that attracts numerous visitors from the whole world, offering an unforgettable experience.

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"Dalmatia film festival" is an international festival of feature and short films, documentaries and promo films that takes place in Croatian cities: Sutivan, Kaštela, Pirovac, Solin and Split.

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