The Intersecting Lines

Short film, 2017, China, 19 min.
Director: Wang Mingduan
Cast: Wang Zihua, Xing Zenghui, Mai Rui, Li Xinming



A man met a woman in a blind date. On the cafe, they found a game named "The Life's Intersection" in the magazine. So they began to talk about the stories of each other. Their careers and identities has changed in hypothetical stories.They met but separated in the stories they told. The two people in the reality and the created characters in the stories became a tergal whole, difficult to distinguish true or false.






Country: China
Genre: drama
Year: 2018
Duration: 19 min.
Written and Directed by: Wang Mingduan
Producer: Guo Chunlin, Wang Kan
Cast: Wang Zihua, Xing Zenghui, Mai Rui, Li Xinming




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