After Hours Trading

Feature film (comedy, thriller), 2017, 105 min.
Director: Fredrick Johnson
Cast: Nick Ducassi, Miraj Grbić, Ariana Livingston


Short synopsis:

A shiftless malcontent teams up with a shady Eastern European con artist to make some quick cash, but ends up becoming an unlikely, and reluctant, Robin Hood when he discovers his new partner-in-crime has traveled halfway around the world to free a victim of human trafficking.


Long synopsis:

“After Hours Trading” is the story of Doyle, a twenty-something college dropout left behind by the Great Recession. Hounded by debt collectors for his unpaid student loan and embittered by his prospects, he prefers to scrounge and scrape together an existence rather than slave away at a minimum wage job. After a chance meeting with Nik, a shady eastern European con man, Doyle, hoping to make some quick cash, reluctantly accepts his offer to become his partner in crime.
Nik introduces Doyle to a series of increasingly risky scams: fraud with counterfeit canines, extortion via parking boot, and straight out breaking and entering. After a rocky start, Doyle’s illicit abilities and confidence improve under Nik’s tutelage. As they grow closer, he learns that Nik intends to use the proceeds from their efforts to buy the freedom of Mila, a young woman who has been human trafficked, from a local crime boss. At first he is mystified that Nik would sacrifice so much for a woman he barely knows, but he slowly becomes more invested in the goal...




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Production: Serf City
Genre: Comedy, thriller
Year: 2017
Duration: 105 min
Written and Directed by: Fredrick Johnson
Producer: Fredrick Johnson, Jonathan Joseph
Cast: Nick Ducassi, Miraj Grbić, Ariana Livingston



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