Dalmatia Film Festival in Sutivan

The festival in Sutivan is scheduled for the second half of july 2022, in city's summer cinema.


Info about Sutivan

Welcome to Sutivan!
Sutivan is located on the north-western coast of the Island of Brač – 7 km away from the Supetar ferry port, and 13 km by sea from Split. A small picturesque locality with a Mediterranean atmosphere and beautiful pebbly beaches that stretch towards the west and a tame hinterland crisscrossed with a multitude of paths. Numerous cultural monuments, various events and sports activities make it a good choice for a great holiday.

A place is made up of its people
The greatest wealth of Sutivan lies in its people. The humble and hardworking Mediterranean spirit of our hosts, restaurateurs, service staff, people you meet while exploring our place, will make your stay more than pleasant. The sons and daughters of fishermen and farmers, nobility and intellectuals, have made this place a small treasury of cultural and historical content, with a rich tradition and preserved customs. You can be assured that we will give our best in revealing our most beautiful secrets to you.

Cultural Heritage
The historical centre of Sutivan is a valuable monumental entity and as such is protected by the laws of the Republic of Croatia as a cultural monument. A stroll through the centre of the locality leads us along a historical path mixed with the present day and is an exceptional experience. Aside from the town centre, there are structures and locations outside the locality which you can reach using our walking and bicycle maps which you can get in the tourist office.

Tourist Board of Sutivan

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"Dalmatia film festival" is an international festival of feature and short films, documentaries and promo films that takes place in Croatian cities: Sutivan, Kaštela, Pirovac, Solin and Split.

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