Kratki film, 2019, Iran, 7 min.
Redatelj: Ario Motevaghe
UlogeArio Motevaghe



Moniri and Kheradmand family are in park for a picnic. But after finishing their meal, it is revealed that they are here for something else.

Director Statement:
Humans love watching, if they come across a spectacular scene. Throughout history and till this day in many parts of the world, countless people found watching violence in the shadow of the law or their beliefs, entertaining and even so essential that they even encourage their children to do so. “Weekend” movie represent part of Iran’s society that count observing certain forms of violence necessary for them and their children.



Država: Iran
Žanr: Drama
Godina: 2019
Trajanje: 7 min.
Redatelj i scenarist: Ario Motevaghe
Uloge: Ario Motevaghe
Producent: Ario Motevaghe



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"Dalmatia film festival" je festival igranog, dokumentarnog i promotivnog filma koji se održava u gradovima Sutivanu, Kaštel Lukšiću, Pirovcu, Solinu i Splitu.


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